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Wellbeing, Health & Fitness Programme

This unique programme has been designed by David Booth, Health Fitness Specialist to help his clients find out exactly where they stand with regards to important health and fitness issues. Furthermore, it will help them make the necessary changes needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle and obtain a greater sense of wellbeing.

In order for you to get the maximum benefit from this programme, it has been designed in three stages. Each meeting will take place at David’s private fitness suite located in Hordle (between Lymington and New Milton).

STAGE 1 – Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment (approximately 75 minutes)

Comprises of the following tests/measurements:

  • Comprehensive health, fitness and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Blood pressure
  • Body measurements
  • Body fat percentage test (with callipers)
  • Cholesterol (total and HDL cholesterol)
  • Blood glucose
  • Peak flow (measures lung capacity)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Hip to waist ratio
  • Walking aerobic treadmill test (sub-maximal)
  • Resting and working heart rates (using a heart rate monitor)
  • Coronary heart disease risk assessment (Framingham)
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility
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A seven day blank nutritional diary is also issued which is to be completed by the individual ahead of Stage 2.

STAGE 2 – Results & Nutrition
(approximately 60 minutes)

Comprises of:

  • A comprehensive report on Stage 1’s test results
  • An in depth discussion on the above and how the results may be improved upon where necessary
  • A nutritional consultation with written recommendations

STAGE 3 – Focuses on Exercise
(approximately 60 minutes)

Comprises of:

  • A written tailored exercise programme to suit your lifestyle (to be taken home)
  • A one to one personal training session to take you through your new programme

Following on from the three stages, David recommends 3-4 month follow up appointments (1 hour) to reassess and check his clients progress.
Please do not hesitate to contact David should you want any further information or to book your Wellbeing, Health & Fitness Programme.

Vouchers are also available should you wish to give the Wellbeing, Health & Fitness Programme as a gift.