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Injury Rehabilitation

Having instructed on over 30,000 hours of personal training to date in his career, David has become highly experienced in dealing with many aspects of muscle, joint and connective tissue injuries.

"No two injuries are exactly the same", David explains. "They can be very similar in nature but are never identical. Adapting exercises to promote mobility and increased strength around the injury site are key elements in the recovery process".

Combining tailored stretches and exercises with very light resistance will help to encourage oxygenated blood to the joints, tendons and muscles on and around the injury site. Whilst the recovery process takes place it is important to carry on strengthening the injured area and surrounding tissues safely and effectively so they are able to withstand functional movements of everyday life.

Why do we get injured in the first place?

Injuries tend to be either sudden and dramatic like a sporting injury or collision, or they can take the form of a more slower, overloading style injury.

The main reasons that different parts of our bodies become overloaded are because of;

1) Postural imbalances
2) Weak core muscles
3) Movements causing repetitive strain
4) Poor technique whilst performing exercise / physical activity
5) Improper exercise intensity or frequency

David will work with you directly or alongside your Doctor or Physiotherapist

Back injuries / lower back pain
Muscle sprains and tears
Knee pain
Shoulder and elbow injuries
Hip pain
Post surgery recovery

Getting mobility and functionality back to the injured area is the primary aim. Combining a programme of tailored exercises and stretches can be a very effective approach when dealing with various different forms of muscle, joint and connective tissue injury.

Please see below what David's clients say about his approach

"I had been suffering with hip and back pain for two years and visits to my GP and a number of other medical professionals did not help the situation. I came across David and thought it would be worth a go. We began straight away by strengthening my core and back using specific exercises and stretches. I now have a much better understanding and management of my hip and back pain. Thanks to David's perseverance and expertise I am able to live an active life again."

Mrs J. Clapham, 40's, Lymington, Hampshire

"Due to back problems my physiotherapist recommended that I exercise specific areas and she recommended I see David. He produced a bespoke training programme and with regular visits, we have strengthened my core and back to the point that I no longer suffer any pain."

Mr A Crouch, 40's, Wootton, Hampshire

"A year ago whilst playing rugby I sustained a serious knee injury, snapping both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. My post surgery rehab wasn't going well and I was losing motivation. Then I found David online. I read through his testimonials and arranged a meeting. In just six months after seeing David I'm delighted to say I'm back rugby training and I'm feeling stronger and more confident every week. As each week passes there are new exercises to keep things fresh and he knows just how far to push me and get the most out of each session. Thank you David."

Mr J Poole, 30's, New Forest, Hampshire

"I used to suffer from continual neck and back aches due to sitting in front of a computer. Chiropractors helped temporarily but did not address the main problem. David has taken me through a programme to increase my core strength and now with his help each week I am fitter and healthier than ever. I would highly recommend training with David, it's a great way to start the process of long term fitness."

Mr G Corsi, 50's, Sway, Hampshire

"David is a highly knowledgeable personal trainer with great motivational skills that enable his clients to improve their fitness levels, overall body tone and nutritional awareness. Highly recommended, my back pain has gone and overall fitness dramatically improved in the last twelve months."

Mrs S Girling, Physiotherapist , 50's,
Milford-on-sea, Hampshire

"At the beginning of the year I became low and depressed with my weight. I also had problems with my knee and I was in pain just from walking. Then I found David. He has transformed my life. I am now pain free, there is less of me and I feel healthy and happy. David is a brilliant personal trainer, always positive and full of encouragement. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Ms J Green, 50's, Christchurch, Dorset

“When I first started seeing David I had been suffering from tennis elbow for quite a while. All previous advice was complete rest. David however guided me through a programme of very light weights and stretches to help blood flow around the injury. My tennis elbow quickly cleared up and I now see David once a week to keep me fit for tennis. His expertise is second to none and I find him to be an outstanding personal trainer."

Mr M. Barette, 60's, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

"In the nine months that I've been training with David, he has transformed my fitness and general wellbeing. In particular, we have worked on improving the strength and mobility of my back, which was injured many years ago playing rugby. I haven't felt as healthy and pain-free for a very long time and wholeheartedly recommend David to anyone looking to improve their fitness of re-habilitate an injury."

Mr S. Billington, 40's, Lymington, Hampshire

"David is always positive and very supportive of any sporting goals you want to achieve. In the past I have suffered from back pain but it has now been resolved after working with David and I would recommend him to anyone. I never thought I would enjoy the gym and now I actually look forward to my sessions."

Ms J Treharne, 30's, Lyndhurst New Forest

"Since seeing David, he has got me back into playing golf by strengthening my back and knees, lowered my blood pressure and I am fitter now than I was in my 50's, living life to the full. Thanks David."

Mr R Parker, 60's, Sway, Hampshire

“I first started training with David in 2007. Not only has he helped clear up a niggling shoulder injury which I had for years but I’m much stronger and fitter now than I was in 2007 and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their personal fitness.”

Ms A Goodswen, 40's, Romsey, Hampshire