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Golf Fitness

Golf fitness training exercise in action.

David strongly believes that anyone serious about achieving their full potential on the golf course should be looking to increase their golf fitness levels (mobility, stability and power) as a matter of course. There are now virtually no up and coming touring professionals who are not taking every aspect of their golf fitness seriously.

David believes that ... “Finding your physical limitations and working upon them with golf specific fitness drills will change the way you play golf forever. 

There are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club but it's the physical limitations which affect efficiency and golf performance. The golf swing requires a sequence of movements called the Kinetic chain. If this chain is compromised due to physical limitations, then the distance, direction and flight of the ball will all be affected”.

David Booth leading someone through an exercise designed to improve their golf swing About David

David, a TPI Golf Fitness Instructor trained with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) at the Belfry. He has also been a registered PGA Assistant Golf Professional in his early playing career.

Combining his understanding of the golf swing with his expertise in the health and fitness industry has made him a true specialist in the field of golf specific fitness.

Working with the Golf Professionals

Working closely with experienced Golf Professionals in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and Wiltshire, David ensures his clients get the best available advice and instruction to help them improve their golf game.

What is the Titleist Performance Institute?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the world's leading force behind golf specific conditioning and fitness. After hundreds of hours of videoing and researching many of the worlds top golf professionals and their swings, TPI have been able to identify the key golf fitness necessities (mobility, stability and power).

David says "What was once reserved for the top touring professionals in the world is now available to players of all ages and golfing abilities".

David's Approach

New Forest TPI Golf Fitness Instructor David Booth taking someone through exercises designed to improve their golf fitness

Stage 1 - Consultation and screening process

David takes his clients through an initial assessment. Following on from this there is a specifically designed Titleist Performance Institute musculoskeletal screening that will highlight any physical limitations which may be apparent.

Stage 2 - Results and recommendations

Discuss the results of the screening process and issue a personalised golf conditioning programme with specific golf fitness drills and exercises. These are bespoke, depending on the findings of the consultation and TPI screening process.

Where does the Golf Fitness take place?

Golf fitness takes place at David's private fitness suite on a one to one basis, which is located between Lymington and New Milton, in the New Forest.