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Initial Consultation

New Forest, Southampton, and Bournemouth based personal trainer David Booth taking a client through a comprehensive health, fitness, and lifestyle assessment.

One of the most important hours David spends with his clients, prior to personal training is the initial consultation. This is a one hour meeting which includes a comprehensive health, fitness and lifestyle assessment.

The assessment of your body's current state of health and fitness will allow David to establish your physical profile. This in turn will enable him to create you, your own personalised exercise and nutritional programme.  This is also an opportunity for David to meet his clients and discuss their own individual aims and targets and address any questions they may have about the training itself. 

If deemed appropriate David is also able to perform a complete cholesterol test (including HDL) and/or a blood glucose test.  David is one of a very few health and fitness specialists who is able to offer this service and he believes it is paramount to have as much information as possible about his clients before they embark upon a road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.