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“"In four months of seeing David I have achieved my target of losing 2 stone in weight. I could not have done this without David's help and I am delighted with how I feel and the difference it has made. He is extremely knowledgeable and motivational and I would not hesitate to recommend him .”

Mrs S Bennett, 60's, Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire

"I have trained with David on a weekly basis for the last 3 years. I came to him with a good level of fitness and with a background in endurance sports, skiing and mountaineering. My goals over that period have been varied and challenging. My weekly sessions with David have provided me with an underlying physical resilience. David understands my goals and suggests appropriate changes to my regime and helps me to manage both old injuries and new ones I pick up from my sports challenges. His sessions can be hard but always enjoyable."

Mr A McLean, 40's, Sway, New Forest

"I booked in with David 7 months ago because I felt so down about my weight and general self esteem. My sister was getting married and so I thought this was the perfect target to work towards. We set a target of 2 stone to lose and I'm delighted to say the wedding has just taken place and I achieved it! But it is so much more than that. David has shown me how to improve my health with both exercise and food and it has transformed how I feel about myself. I am married with a young son and I work full time and looking after myself always seemed to be the lowest priority. I am delighted to say with just simple changes and mindset I'm so much happier and healthier which can only be a good thing for my family. David has kept me on the right path and kept my confidence high, and I look forward to continuing my weight loss journey and getting stronger."

Mrs A Taylor, 30's, Sway, New Forest

"During the 8 months I trained with David, with his help and guidance, I lost 3 stone and 5 pounds in weight. David keeps you motivated and helps you every step of the way making training fun and enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending David. Just take his advice and it will work!"

Mrs S Stone, 30's, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire

"In the nine months that I've been training with David, he has transformed my fitness and general wellbeing. In particular, we have worked on improving the strength and mobility of my back, which was injured many years ago playing rugby. I haven't felt as healthy and pain-free for a very long time and wholeheartedly recommend David to anyone looking to improve their fitness of re-habilitate an injury."

Mr S. Billington, 40's, Lymington, Hampshire

"Since seeing David, he has got me back into playing golf by strengthening my back and knees, lowered my blood pressure and I am fitter now than I was in my 50's, living life to the full. Thanks David."

Mr R Parker, 60's, Sway, Hampshire

"A year ago whilst playing rugby I sustained a serious knee injury, snapping both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. My post surgery rehab wasn't going well and I was losing motivation. Then I found David online. I read through his testimonials and arranged a meeting. In just six months after seeing David I'm delighted to say I'm back rugby training and I'm feeling stronger and more confident every week. As each week passes there are new exercises to keep things fresh and he knows just how far to push me and get the most out of each session. Thank you David."

Mr J Poole, 30's, New Forest, Hampshire

"Training with David as a couple has been the best fitness programme we have ever been involved with." (see testimonial above)

Mrs M Parker, 60's, Sway, Hampshire

"At the beginning of the year I became low and depressed with my weight. I also had problems with my knee and I was in pain just from walking. Then I found David. He has transformed my life. I am now pain free, there is less of me and I feel healthy and happy. David is a brilliant personal trainer, always positive and full of encouragement. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Ms J Green, 50's, Christchurch, Dorset

"David, a huge thank you for helping us to make the New Forest Cycletta a huge success. We could not have done the day without you! The women left your stretch zone (which you had up an running throughout the event) totally chilled and both Simon and I received lots of praise for you and the sessions you organised. Fantastic!! It was just great to work with you for the day and of course donations will be made to Macmillan on your behalf."

Victoria, Cycletta New Forest, Beaulieu

"David is a highly knowledgeable personal trainer with great motivational skills that enable his clients to improve their fitness levels, overall body tone and nutritional awareness. Highly recommended, my back pain has gone and overall fitness dramatically improved in the last twelve months."

Mrs S Girling, Physiotherapist , 50's,
Milford-on-sea, Hampshire

“When I first started seeing David I had been suffering from tennis elbow for quite a while. All previous advice was complete rest. David however guided me through a programme of very light weights and stretches to help blood flow around the injury. My tennis elbow quickly cleared up and I now see David once a week to keep me fit for tennis. His expertise is second to none and I find him to be an outstanding personal trainer."

Mr M. Barette, 60's, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

“I have had a number of personal trainers over the years and David is in a different league all together. I have found him to be supremely professional, knowledgeable and very affable. He sets realistic goals, I have lost 3 stone in weight and have a physique which I’m proud of.”

Mr R Court, 30's, London

"I had been suffering with hip and back pain for two years and visits to my GP and a number of other medical professionals did not help the situation. I came across David and thought it would be worth a go. We began straight away by strengthening my core and back using specific exercises and stretches. I now have a much better understanding and management of my hip and back pain. Thanks to David's perseverance and expertise I am able to live an active life again."

Mrs J. Clapham, 40's, Lymington, Hampshire

"I would thoroughly recommend David as a personal trainer on both an individual or group basis. I have found him very attentive and professional. His help, commitment and guidance has been key for me in achieving my goals over the last few years. Thanks David, spot on!"

Mr B. Brown, 36, New Forest, Hampshire

"I have been training with David on a weekly basis with the aim of losing weight and becoming fitter and stronger, all of which I am achieving. David's sessions are highly motivating, enjoyable and are a very positive experience. David's knowledge of both exercise and nutrition is extensive and this helps me to work towards achievable and realistic goals "

Mrs J Puzey, 60's, Everton, Hampshire

"Supportive, encouraging, inventive ... My sessions with David are always lots of fun, tough but fun!"

Miss E Hudson, 30's, Lyndhurst, New Forest

"A huge thanks to David who has turned my life around. 10 months after first seeing him, I am 4 stone lighter and so much fitter. His advice on nutrition and exercise is realistic and his motivational skills, second to none."

Ms A Gresham-Hale, 50's, Sway, Hampshire

"Due to back problems my physiotherapist recommended that I exercise specific areas and she recommended I see David. He produced a bespoke training programme and with regular visits, we have strengthened my core and back to the point that I no longer suffer any pain."

Mr A Crouch, 40's, Wootton, Hampshire

"I attend David's weekly circuits session at work and I have recently received one to one personal training in preparation for a challenge to climb Mont Blanc. David provided me with a targeted exercise programme, nutritional advice and helped me to become mentally prepared, so when it came to the real event I felt very strong and actually enjoyed it. I would highly recommend David, especially if you have a goal. He will ensure you get there."

Mrs J Lewis, 30's, Southampton

"I used to suffer from continual neck and back aches due to sitting in front of a computer. Chiropractors helped temporarily but did not address the main problem. David has taken me through a programme to increase my core strength and now with his help each week I am fitter and healthier than ever. I would highly recommend training with David, it's a great way to start the process of long term fitness."

Mr G Corsi, 50's, Sway, Hampshire

" I started training with David in 2014 and his tailored exercises are exactly what I needed to lose weight and feel fitter and stronger. Our sessions are fun and enjoyable and I would recommend David without hesitation. He is extremely professional and very encouraging."

Mrs J Pumphrey, 40's, Lymington, New Forest

"David is an excellent trainer with the perfect balance of encouragement and challenges all the way.? I like the diversity of the exercises and the new ideas which David keeps coming up with to keep me on my toes.? I attend a weekly session and have been amazed to see myself get stronger and stronger, whilst also improving my endurance and flexibility.

Ms A Richter, 40's, Hythe

"David is Very knowledgeable in all aspects of diet and fitness. My experience of David over the last 10 years is that he is able to develop and motivate his clients no matter what level of fitness they are. Great job David thanks! "
Mr S. Palmer, 51, New Forest, Hampshire

"I asked David to help me lose a stone in the 2 months run up to an important event at work. With David's guidance and supervision on both diet and exercise I managed to meet that goal and feel fitter and stronger than I have done for years. David makes the process enjoyable and takes a genuine interest in what you are trying to achieve. I'm looking forward to working with David towards my new targets over the coming months."
Mr G Presland, 40's, Everton, New Forest

" I have been coming to David for 18 months now. During this time I have lost 16kg in weight and become fitter and stronger than ever before. My tennis has improved greatly and I have even completed my first triathlon. David has been motivating, encouraging and understanding and I look forward to every session with him. ."

Mrs S McLean, 40's, Sway, New Forest

“David Booth has been my personal trainer since August 2009. During this period I have lost 8kg and my overall fitness, strength and flexibility has improved significantly. David is an excellent trainer both thoughtful and motivational.”

Mr R Smith, 50's, Hordle, Hampshire

“David has been my personal trainer since 2006. He gears his exercise programmes around my needs and goals and is unfailingly positive and encouraging. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Mrs J Michie, 60's, Lymington, Hampshire

"David is always positive and very supportive of any sporting goals you want to achieve.? In the past I have suffered from back pain but it has now been resolved after working with David and I would recommend him to anyone.? I never thought I would enjoy the gym and now I actually look forward to my sessions."

Ms J Treharne, 30's, Lyndhurst New Forest

“David’s positive attitude to life and exercise energises my life and keeps me slim and mobile.”

Mrs H Mead, 70's, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire

“Until I met David I was a confirmed “non exerciser”. He has made training interesting, combining a caring approach with the discipline I need to keep me motivated. This has contributed greatly to my feeling of wellbeing.”

Mr A Mead, 70's, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire

"I worked with David for around two months at the beginning of the year and the results in that brief time were pronounced. I improved my fitness, increased strength and more significantly lost nearly one stone in weight. I would recommend David unreservedly to anyone wanting to achieve real results - something my years of gym membership failed to deliver!"

Mr R Bose, 40's New Milton, Hampshire

“I have been training with David for about 10 years and I enjoy every weekly training session. With David’s encouragement I ran the London Marathon and I believe I am fitter than ever before.”

Mrs M Corsi, 50's, Sway, Hampshire

“David is a fantastic instructor, really encouraging, very positive in his approach. He has really helped me keep on track with training and I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Ms J Smith, 40's, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

“Training with David has not only been fun but has helped me achieve my goals of putting on weight and increasing muscle size. My fitness has also increased very quickly.”

Mr T Corsi, late teens, Sway, Hampshire

“David is an exceptional personal trainer with an exemplary knowledge of various exercise techniques. If you have any injuries or medical concerns, he’ll make sure your not doing anything that will aggravate them further. He really knows his stuff!”

Mr C Tillier, 30's, Bashley, Hampshire

“Before I started training with David I’d hardly done any exercise in my life! David’s approach is positive and infectious and by setting realistic goals, I’ve found a competitive streak I never realized I had!”

Ms H Owen, 20's, Southampton, Hampshire

“I have trained under David’s expert help, advice and guidance for over 10 years. I am definitely fitter and healthier now than I was 10 years ago. I look forward to my twice-weekly sessions and I always feel better for it afterwards.”

Mr R Bevin, 50's, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire

“David has been training me weekly since 2003. Not only am I fitter and healthier now, but each session is so enjoyable.”

Mrs A Walton, 60's, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

“I started training with David in 2002 to get and to stay fit. The training and nutritional advice has been very beneficial and his approach has always been professional, personable and reassuring in keeping me focused on my targets.”

Mr S Havercroft, 50's, Ashurst, Hampshire

“I have enjoyed training with David for several years. My general fitness and strength are much improved and he has pushed me further than I would have done myself.”

Mrs B Freer, 60's, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

"David has not only helped me to lose weight, but has also increased my fitness levels far more than I could have done by any other means."

Mr R Matthews, 40's, Christchurch, Dorset

“David’s approach to health and fitness dismisses the saying “going to the gym is boring”. As a result of his encouragement and help I am enjoying much better health and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Thanks a lot David.”

Ms B Lopez, 40's, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

“I first started training with David in 2007. Not only has he helped clear up a niggling shoulder injury which I had for years but I’m much stronger and fitter now than I was in 2007 and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their personal fitness.”

Ms A Goodswen, 40's, Romsey, Hampshire